What does a Canine Urban Princess Eat?

My fans always want to know what I eat, since I have a sensitive tummy and my skin gets itchy. Unfortunately, when they ask my mom, they get more info than they bargained for.

What a Canine Urban Princess Eats
What a Canine Urban Princess Eats

My mom serves Avoderm. She orders big bags from Amazon because they’re way too heavy for her to carry.

My mom started feeding Avoderm to Tiger, the cat who left us last July. Tiger had very sensitive skin. She licked all the fur off her midsection, causing great embarrassment to my mom. People were always asking, “Why is this cat shaved?” Yep…down to the bare skin.

But my mom sounds like a commercial when she talks about what happened next. Tiger’s allergies disappeared with Avoderm. She ate that food to the end of her life…well, okay, at the end my mom kept giving her canned food in vain hope that she would eat.

Now my mom gets Feline Avoderm for Ophelia. Ophelia has long scruffy hair but she doesn’t get mats. “It’s the food,” my mom says. “I sure don’t hang around and brush her all day.”

She even reviewed this food on Amazon. Go figure. I have better things to do, like eat the food. But Cathy says, “Maybe we can help another dog or cat owner.”

Yeah, right. I’d take a second helping but alas, the vet’s got me on a strict diet. None of those yummy bacon treats. I get (you guessed it) Avoderm biscuits.

Princesses deserve to be spoiled, I say.

Princesses have to set an example, my mom says.

The hand holding the bag of food always wins.

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