Dog not happy with new home

Well, my mom moved us in yesterday…or rather the movers did. I can’t say I’m thrilled. My crate has been placed in the bedroom and I feel out of the way. My food dish hasn’t been unpacked so I have to eat off a paper plate. This Canine Princess deserves more royal treatment.

My mom Cathy almost had a heart attack yesterday. I was really worried for awhile about her sanity. Here’s what happened.

Cathy was getting some help from my Big Sister Summer, who used to work at the Dog Lounge. Summer is starting a new career and she’s earning extra money helping people like my mom. She helped the mom get finished packing up at the old place, and she drove us over to the new place in her small car. I had to ride in back with Ophelia, who yowled the whole way.

Summer wanted to check out the balcony so she persuaded my mom to open the door. No problem: the cats were locked up in a bathroom, out of the way of the movers. (If it were up to me, they’d stay there forever. But I digress.)

A few hours later, after Summer had gone, my mom was talking to Mark the painter, who did a magnificent job on our new home, she says. Suddenly she noticed the balcony door was still open and the cats were out.

“Oh no! Creampuff is gone!” she shrieked. She got off the phone and began hunting for our ditziest housemate.

“Creampuff loves the outdoors,” my mom said sadly. “She probably took a dive over the balcony.”

Ever the Drama Queen, the mom continued: “Creampuff is such a wonderful cat. She’s always so sweet and loving. And she’s probably crumbled down in the courtyard. How will I ever forgive myself? I will never be able to enjoy my new home, knowing that Creampuff is gone.”

I discreetly headed to my dog bed, but the mom noticed. “Gracie, you tried to warn me. Is that why you were barking?”

Ophelia appeared from the depths of a closet, where she had been hiding behind a bunch of boxes. My mom just got more frantic.

Suddenly, Creampuff showed up, out of nowhere, with her best, “What’s going on?” clueless expression. My mom grabbed her in a tight hug. Creampuff hates hugs, but who cares?

Creampuff hasn’t been hiding since. She slept next to my mom all night, purring at the top of her tiny lungs. My mom was really grateful. “I had my first good night’s sleep in three days,” she said.

Ahem. What about me? I was right there too. But when the prodigal cat returns, the faithful dog gets ignored. My mom never liked that story and now I can see why.

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