Uh oh…a dog who’s cuter than I am.

This is Meatball, a dog who lives in our building. He’s just a puppy so he’s in the cute stage.

Usually when I’m with another dog, I steal the show. “Gracie’s so cute,” everyone says. But Meatball is the ultimate scene-stealer.

He’s just a pup so I try to ignore him when  he wants to play. All that young puppy energy! Too much for me. Anyway, I know what’s coming. Meatball is going to grow into a big 70-pound dog. They’ll be calling him Meatloaf, not Meatball. Then he’ll be way too big to play with me.

My mom’s not good with kids herself. She doesn’t even adopt puppies and kittens. I have to admit she’s a good dog mom but her maternal instinct isn’t quite all there.

Me too. But we have to admit: Meatball’s adorable.

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