Training in the Dog Park (Whether I Want It Or Not)

Here I am in Regrade Dog park, same as the last post. Andy is offering me a treat. Being a dog trainer, he insistts that I sit politely. There’s another dog watching but I’m the focus of attention, as is appropriate for a Canine Urban Princess like me.

Well, why wouldn’t I? My mom read somewhere that obedient dogs have higher self-esteem. “A good sit,” she says, “gives you pride and self-confidence.”

If that’s true, I’d say, I have got to be the most confident dog on the planet. Well, okay, I’ve got a way to go. But who gets all those compliments when I ride on the bus on my mom’s lap? And who’s better at “sit for treats” than I am?

Andy’s one of my best friends and he wants to call his training service Dog Buddies. My mom’s not so sure. She was muttering about keywords and being unique, whatever that is. I think Andy’s unique.  He’s definitely one of my buddies.  I’m a dog. What’s to discuss?

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