The Dog Park: City Dogs In Heaven (Video)

The closest a City Dog like me can ever get to heaven is to play in the dog park. My mom likes to say, “City dogs actually get more exercise than country dogs. After all, what dog plays in the yard? They certainly don’t play in the house!”

True. Who’s got a yard as big as this dog park?

Last Sunday I found a new friend – a cute little white dog who stole the show. He’s a young dog, filled with energy, and he wanted to wear me out. My mom and the dog’s owners were so pleased. “They found a friend!” my mom said happily. She asked the other dog’s name but she forgot. (Duh.) Well, in all fairness, she had other things on her mind. She had to get me home and get herself to the gym, which closes early on Sundays.

So now you get to watch me play and run! Please leave a comment so we know we are being watched.

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