So I sneezed…big deal.

Yesterday morning my mom woke up to the sound of me sneezing…and sneezing. I went on for about five minutes. Then my mom gave up and took me out for my morning walk. As soon as we got outside, I stopped and dog owner

Cathy went into her “mom on overdrive” mode. She called our vet and asked for our favorite tech, Malari. (We love all the techs but Malari has helped my mom out a lot so she feels like an old friend. Besides, we like her tattoos.)

Malari assured us, “If she stopped sneezing it’s probably no big deal. Maybe she just got some dust in her nose.”

In our house? Dust? With 2 cats, a dog and a temperamental vacuum cleaner?

“But her nose feels warm!” my mom said.

“Old wives tale. Means nothing.”

Thanks, Malari. The last thing I need is another session of prod-and-poke at the vet. I’d rather go play some games at the Dog Lounge again.

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