Seattle Metro to Sea-Tac Airport Seattle

Even people who have lived here for years often miss this one. You can get to Sea-Tac Airport for $1.25 ($1.50 in rush hour). From downtown, it’s a fast, pleasant trip.

From Downtown Seattle: Pick up the 194 at 2d and University (and other points along 2nd) – 30 minutes from boarding downtown to getting off at the airport. No need to make small talk with a cab driver or get stuck at the drawbridge! And you can’t beat the price of $1.25 off-peak. Buses come about every half hour, more often during weekdays.

The 174 runs the same route – slower but gets you there.

Dogs are allowed and it’s rarely crowded.

You get dropped off at the far end of the terminal so there’s a bit of a walk to the check-in area.

Returning buses move along 4th Avenue. When I come back from a rare plane trip, I sometimes stop at the library to pick up the books on hold and return the books I carried to read on long, dreary plane rides (aren’t they all?).

And from 4th Avenue it’s a quick ride to the Downtown Dog Lounge to pick up Gracie. She’s been having such a good time she doesn’t want to go home!

Look up Metro’s home page for more.

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