Parades, parks and more: this dog is worn out

Whew…we’ve had a busy weekend. On Friday evening my mom went off to a basketball game with some of her pals. She came home later, contented because her team won.

On Saturday I usually recover from my Friday excursion to Magnuson Park with my Aunt Sara. But Mom was on a roll. She took me with her while she ran a few errands in Upper Queen Anne. I got to smell some grass and accept a treat from the Queen Anne Bookstore. On the rare occasions my mom buys a book, she goes there, because they’re so nice to me.

Okay, I was ready to turn in. But no: the mom decided we needed to see the famous Seattle Torchlight Parade. As a dog, I don’t get parades. I rarely see anything because I’m too close to the ground. There’s all kinds of noise from loud music, screaming, drums, roars…gimme a break.

I got lots of attention from the crowd though. Several people said, “What a beautiful dog.” A few people offered snacks but my mom held firm. One woman jumped: “I just felt a cold nose on my hand.” Yep. That was me.

Even my mom got tired as we watched one car after another go by with beautiful women in prom dresses. That’s what my mom called them. Finally we heard a “boom” from the cannon down the street. “That’s our signal to leave,” my mom said. “Last time we watched the parade together, you got spooked. Remember? It was so long ago that dogs were still allowed in Uptown Espresso. You jumped in my lap and started shaking.”

Me remember? I’m a dog. But I was happy to escape and return home to catch up on my sleep.

One thought on “Parades, parks and more: this dog is worn out”

  1. Gracie, I know how you feel about parades. My grandmother in Cleveland used to take me on the street car to downtown for every parade (it was the last half of the 1940’s) and there I was, about your height in eye level, and all I saw was legs and skirts and shoes. I recall seeing an American flag flashing, but that was because it was held high and being waved.

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