Ophelia making herself *completely* at home

Look who’s relaxing on top of *my* couch. Ophelia looks so relaxed up there. She’s come a long way from he early days of hiding out in the laundry room.

My mom Cathy likes Ophelia up htere, out of the way. “When she sits on the end table,” Mom says, “she drinks my water. She evenĀ  drinks my iced coffee. Who wants cat hair in their coffee? Yuk.”

Who wants cat anywhere on the couch? That’s what I ask. But my mom ignores me.

“I wonder if Ophelia remembers her month in the cage at the Seattle Animal Shelter?” Mom mused, as she prepared to help me upload this photo.

Mom says her biggest accomplishment was saving Ophelia. I think her biggest accomplishment in life was adopting ME. Who wants to argue?

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