Now this is life in the dog park: spa treatment

Lindsay gives dog a massage.
Lindsay gives dog the spa treatment.

My mom is relieved. I no longer seem nervous when we go to the dog park, although I go out of my way to avoid certain dogs. A 70-pound dog jumping on me? No thanks. Not at my age. I am almost eight years old and it’s time for me to settle down, although my jaws will always be ready to take on a chewing challenge.

One reason I like the park is that I get to sit on the wall while people admire me. Lindsay is one of the park regulars. She’s sitting here giving me a butt rub. See that tiny bundle of fur in her lap? That’s Ruby, her new puppy. Apparently Ruby is trying to set chewing records in Lindsay’s home. She chewed up a computer cord, something I’ve never tried.

“Don’t even think about it!” my mom said to me when Lindsay told us the story. “And it’s so unfair: I have to pay for my massages! You get yours free.”

Yes. That’s what life should be. A dog park should include spa treatment.

2 thoughts on “Now this is life in the dog park: spa treatment”

  1. Right now my nails are growing strong and long (stress kills them) and the dogs love them. I am glad to provide this service to the doggies, who give so much to me! Everyone needs a good butt rub now and then for the soul.

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