Now, here’s what cats should look like…

Don With New Cats in Southern California
Don With New Cats in Southern California
My mom’s friend Charlie lives in California. They’ve only met once but they talk on the phone and feel like close friends. Charlie has always been one of my biggest fans.

Recently Charlie’s second cat died. Unlike my mom, who heads to the nearest animal shelter and grabs the first available cat, Charlie and his partner Don were sensible. They took their time and chose these two small cats from animal shelters in Southern California. The picture shows Don, whom we’ve never met, but he’s obviously very sensitive.

Notice how cute and small these cats are. Bandit, a male, is wearing the white mask. Smoki is a female. I bet they would never, ever go into a dog’s cage or take the dog’s favorite spot on the couch.

Got the hint, mom? We got Ophelia the two-ton wonder who began taking over as soon as she arrived. Ophelia’s bigger than both these cats put together and she literally knows how to throw her weight around.

Dogs don’t usually use words like “literally” but when your mom’s a copywriter, anything goes.

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