No Identity Crisis Here

My mom was telling someone, “Gracie gets into the cat food.”

“I thought dogs wouldn’t have anything to do with the cat stuff.”


I eat cat food whenever I can find it. I even steal Creampuff’s catnip toys. I chew them up and eat the catnip. Doesn’t do anything for me, but hey…it’s a chewing opportunity.

I sleep in the cat bed. It’s just the right size if I curl up in a tight ball…like a cat.

And I don’t do the denning thing. I don’t want to stuff myself into a corner. I’ll take the couch or the bed, thank you very much.

No problem with species identity. I know I’m a canine. When was the last time you saw a cat walking on a leash? Or roughing it up in the dog lounge?

Real men eat quiche. Real dogs scarf catnip.

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