Is this our new housemate?

My mom doesn’t waste time and she’s not especially sentimental.

“Our home is too quiet,” she said, after Ophelia left us on Tuesday. “It will be hard to find a cat who meets my specifications: at least 5, spayed and declawed. Oh yes, and we need a cat with charm, wit and personality.”

So she’s browsing on, where she found me and later Ophelia. And there she is … a tabby named Biggums and later Kerfuffle.

She emailed the Seattle Animal Control people. At first she figured they were out in the middle of nowhere, but then she discovered our very own #57 bus goes right by there. She discovered that Kerfluffle is being fostered and it’s up to the foster mom.

“There must be a ton of applicants,’ my mom sighed. “She’s such a pretty cat.”



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