Naked Dog Ignores Doggie Fashion Show In Dog Park

dogs wearing raincoats in dog parkToday we’re back to a cold rainy winter in Seattle. My mom took me here for a few minutes in hopes I’ll Do My Business fast so she can go off to the gym.

As you can see, I’m getting a little distracted. And I’m ignoring the dogs dressed in green raincoats that match their owner’s.

“Ooh, they are so adorable,” my mom gushed. “I just have to take their pictures.”

Who cares? While she’s busy with the camera phone, she doesn’t notice I’m jumping…something I am strictly forbidden to do.

Do you notice I’m naked? Will I get a cute raincoat?

“Gracie, you’ll notice I’ve been wearing this coat for years,” my mom says. “I know I’m fashion-challenged. I can’t have a dog that looks more glamorous than I do.”

Why not? I already steal the show.

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