My mom with some friends on Christmas Eve

My mom’s friends gave her a surprise Christmas present a few days ago. This is my mom with Sharon and Sharon’s kids, Kathryn and Kevin. My mom’s the un-photogenic one on the right, in the orange jacket.

Can you tell that Sharon, Kathryn and Kevin are all theatre majors?

My mom’s all bundled up in the orange jacket on the right (as if you couldn’t tell -she’s the least photogenic person in any picture). Her ears get cold so she never looks glamorous in winter. She’s got her eye on the Big Box which contains a really terrific present.: a soft throw blanket so we can curl up on the couch and stay warm. Sharon’s husband isn’t in the picture because he’s holding my mom’s camera.

I wasn’t invited. They went to a restaurant where dogs aren’t allowed. No problem. I don’t eat Thai food anyway. Not that I’d know. Do you really think my mom would let me anywhere near Thai food? Yeah, right.

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