More on racing in the rain…

My mom is still sighing over this book. racing in the rain

And I have to admit: “That dog can write.”

“He lifts me easily; he cradles me, and I can smell the day on him. I can smell everything he’s done. His work, the auto shop where he’s behind the counter all day, standing, making nice with the customers who yell at him because their BMWs don’t work right and it costs too much to fix them….” Every word is perfect.

But this dog adores his owner, Cathy reminds me.

Describing Denny, Enzo writes, “He is so brilliant. He shines. He’s beautiful with his hand that grab things and his tongue that says thing and the way he stands and chews his food for so long…”

Cathy’s First Dog, Keesha, adored her that way. Me? She’s okay. I could have done worse. But brilliant? Beautiful? She’s just mom.

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