Memo to Michelle Obama: Dog not crazy, just young

Michelle Obama described the First Dog as “crazy.” Apparently Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog, likes to chew on people’s feet, according to this story.

One night Bo woke the president and First Lady at 10 AM, playing with his ball. Michelle said they thought they heard a person out in the hallway, but there was Bo.

See, they didn’t listen to me. When my mom read stories of Obama’s new dog, I said they should get an adult dog, preferably a rescue mutt like me. Puppies are a nuisance. They never stop playing. I’m much more restrained. I go out with my Aunt Sara twice a week and the rest of time time I am happy to sleep on the sofa.

Then again, I’m getting on in years. “You’ll be seven in October,” my mom keeps reminding me. “That’s getting into the senior dog category.”

Don’t remind me, mom. Pretty soon you’ll be getting the senior discount when we ride the Metro bus system together.

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