One of Martha Stewart’s cats looks like Ophelia (sort of)

My mom came across an entry in Martha Stewart’s blog, featuring a series of photos of an unusual house plant and some not unusual cats.

“One of Martha’s cats looks a lot like Ophelia,” my mom exclaimed.

My mom likes Martha Stewart. She says Martha Stewart graduated from the same college she did, Barnard College, but Martha was a few years ahead of my mom.

Maybe Martha Stewart’s cat bears a passing resemblance to our own Ophelia. Look at the picture and then you can go to Martha Stewart’s post and decide for yourself.

But who cares? When it comes to domesticity, my mom is the polar opposite of Martha Stewart. She has absolutely no gift for homemaking. Our apartment is decorated in Early Graduate Student, with a liberal addition of cat hair.

“Who cares?” my mom says. “When we have a dog crate in the living room, we’ll never have an elegant home.”

Uh-oh. That’s my crate we’re talking about. I like having my crate right there, where I get to keep an eye on everything. Elegant home? Fine for other people. I just need a quiet spot to nap.

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