Makes me proud to be a dog

My mom just read me an artcle from the New York Times. Apparently dogs are being trained to help mlitary veterans deal with combat stress. For instance, if a vet is afraid to go into a crowded room, the dog can set up a barrier. Dogs even dial 911, although I can’t imagine how. My paws are too big for my mom’s phone.

Here’s the article.

Apparently dogs are so helpful these vets cut back on their medication or were able to stop medication entirely. Wow! I’ve always said dogs are better than doctors and my mom tends to agree. She drops tons more money at the veterinarian’s office than at her own medical services.

OK, I probably won’t be trained as a service dog. But I do my part. Yesteday my mom and I were walking to the bus stop. My mom was determined to comine a walk in Upper Queen Ane with a trip to pick up her books at the library.

As we were dashing along Mercer Street, a woman waiting for own bus called out, “Ma’am – hey!” My mom stopped dead in her tracks, wondering what she had done or dropped. Of course that meant I had to stop too. We both turned around.

“Can I pat your dog?” the woman asked. She looked normal to my mom and smelled normal to me. My mom had to say, “Sorry, we want to catch a bus.”

This happens all the time. When I’m sitting politely in my mm’s lap, all kinds of people pat and poke me for a dog fix . It’s a good thing I’m a patient, gentle sort of dog. But i know these people need something in their lives and for the moment, it’ s me.

Hey, how about barking out a message to President Obama. We could cut health care costs if everybody got issued a dog at birth. They’d get more exercise. They’d lower their blood pressure and have fewer heart attacks. They’d be kinder to others and our prison population would drop. Not to mention the thousands of nice mixed-breed dogs like me, who have secret ties to royalty….the list goes on.

Anyway, thanks to the New York Times for another good dog story. Makes me proud of my species. People go to war and it’s only right that dogs bring them peace.

And now back to my nap. I’m stuck with the cat bed since Ophelia commandeered my cushion on the couch. But hey, I’m not into fighting. No cat gets PTSD on my watch.

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