Is this home big enough for everybody?

My mom’s apartment isn’t huge. But we have lots of room. We have

2 dog beds

1 fuzzy cat bed that I like to use myself

1 kitty condo with room for two cats

2 cat cushions: one on the sofa and one on my mom’s bed

1 dog cushion on my mom’s bed

1 dog crate

Do you get the idea? We have lots of room to spread out.

So why does Ophelia have to demand my spot on the couch? Earlier you saw her sitting next to me, on my turf. Now I’ve taken up all the available space so she’s just hovering nearby. She’s a smart cat. She knows eventually I will leave to go for a walk. Then she takes over.

Notice our body language. When you’re a dog or a cat, that’s all you have. See how I’ve occupied the entire end of the couch? My paws even hang over the edge.

Ophelia’s sitting up very straight with her tail wrapped around her ample self. She’s not asleep. She’s fully awake and aware.

“Any minute now,” she seems to be saying, “this couch will be mine.”

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