In the Dog House

My mom Cathy has been really busy. She’s involved with a big JV promotion and setting up more calls for her teleseminar series. (Ever the promoter, my mom insisted we add those links. If it were up to me, we’d link only to dog parks and treats.)

So I didn’t choose the best time to wake her up at 2 AM Wednesday night, demanding to go outside. Mom freaked. She was sure I was headed for another Digestive Disaster. So I spent a very disgruntled Thursday, nibbling a boring stew of rice and bland diet food.

I had to make my point. But what could I do? She carefully hid the delicious people food – yum, hamburger! – and the tempting cat food I prefer anytime.

So I waited.

Sure enough, we went to the dog park. I managed to scarf down some stuff my mom will not allow me to mention in this blog. Cathy snapped my leash back on and said, “That’s enough!” And to my admiring fan club, she added, “Gracie’s ready to go home when she stops playing and starts eating…well, you know.” They all nodded sagely, even my fans who don’t own dogs and just come to the park to hang out.

Nothing happened. I was healthy. I slept all afternoon and all night, enjoying my favorite spot on Cathy’s bed.

Finally, Cathy realized I was fine…just a one-time thing. So today she’s bringing me back to regular food, one day at a time. Let me tell you: rice mixed with California Natural and Innova is not a bad combination plate for a hungry dog. If only she’d just toss in a few bites of her own dinner…

2 thoughts on “In the Dog House”

  1. Hi Cathy,
    I was just catching up on Gracie’s blog. Regarding Gracie’s upset tummy, I wanted to tell you about the best phrase I ever read in a dog book:
    “most diarreah is caused by dietary indiscretions.”
    Isn’t that incredibly euphemistic, yet utterly true? “Dietary indiscretions” sounds so much better than “snarfing cat shit” doesn’t it?

  2. We must have been reading the same book! I saw the phrase on an Internet post — perfect! So I told the vet tech, “Dietary indiscretion.”

    “Eating poop again huh?”

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