I go on sabbatical

My mom Cathy decided to take a year off. She’s going back to the East Coast, where she is from originally. She wants to cross off some items on her bucket list, reconnect with people from her earlier life and get a new direction for the time that remains to her.

I can relate. Some things on my bucket list are napping all day, finally getting even with the cat, and eating treats … and more treats.

My mom did not abandon me. She arranged for me to stay with a very nice young man who adores me and treats me like the royal princess I am.

He wrote to my mom, “Gracie likes to sleep on our beds. Sometimes she won’t get off no matter how what we do. She loves the park nearby.”

My mom thinks I will be totally spoiled. She said she misses me but has pointed out that I am not especially attached to her. I am more of a follow-the-biscuit type dog.

She’s right.

Hey, time for another snuggle! Mom is starting a blog about her adventures. Reply to this message if you’d like to get the info.

2 thoughts on “I go on sabbatical”

  1. I am sad that you and Mom are separated…and I hope that this year on the
    East Coast will be a good one, and Gracie, your year with the new family will be fun for you. I will look forward to reports from both of you.

  2. No worries, Bobbie! I am very happy. I have a great foster dad who takes me to the park, lets me sleep on his bed and finds me new playmates. He’s much more easygoing than my mom and he is spoiling me rotten! My mom says she may not be ready for the new me. I will be SO royal.

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