Holiday Gifts: Save my mom (and me, too)

My mom Cathy has been determined to declutter our humble home. We love living here. We don’t want to move to a bigger place. I think I once had a yard to hang out in and I hated it. I was born to be an indoor dog. Give me a bed anytime.

So as we get ready for the holiday season, my mom shudders at the thought of getting gifts from people. “More STUFF,” she says. My Uncle Lance reminded Cathy she has an Amazon Wish List, which she keeps forgetting to update. “That’s different,” she says. “It’s STUFF I want. Anyway, books are fine. They’re easy to sell or give away if I don’t want them.”

I have to admit she is right. It seems like every year we get junk. Calendars. Subscriptions to publications my mom doesn’t have time to read. Little statues of cute cats and dogs. Food we don’t eat. And more.

One year my mom spent $17 to ship an unwanted gift to her colleague in Canada. She had no use for the gift but didn’t want to give it away. “I think the people who gave me the gift really wanted it for themselves,” she says. “It’s sad.”

“This year,” my mom says, “I am hoping people will not give us gifts. They can make a nice donation in my name to an animal charity or cultural place. (NOT the US Humane Society, though). They can go to my Amazon gift list. They can give me gift certificates.”

Okay, mom, but don’t get too carried away. I need a new leash, remember? Something fit for a princess.

My mom read my mind. “Gracie, I’m giving just a few gifts this year. You get a leash. You don’t need a coat. Everybody else is getting pottery I made during my first term at the Community Center.”

That’ll teach ’em. My mom is the worst potter on the planet. They will never, ever reciprocate. And that’s good. We’re getting a little crowded here. I would like more space in front of my crate.

What’s your gift story?

4 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts: Save my mom (and me, too)”

  1. I let my mom type this for me because I am a bad typer BUT I think everyone should give to a no-kill shelter this year. Because of PetPals in St. Petersburg I got saved from being put to sleep AND found the BEST home ever!

    Sammy the dog

    PS – Mom and I are getting ready to go check out driving in the snow since our move to Colorado!

  2. Great idea, Sammy! They tell me I was adopted from a shelter in Snohomish when I was 3 months old. My first home didn’t work out and so my current mom adopted me when I was 3. I was in a foster home that time. I had lots of love and even some playmates.

    My mom likes this idea. Forget about giving gifts: let’s just donate to shelters this year. We like Posado, Broward County Humane Society, and of course the King County and Seattle Animal Shelters. Ophelia did serious time in a cage before joining our household as the resident Spoiled Rotten Cat.

  3. Hey Gracie! Your mom is one smart cookie. I’ve only known her for a short time but she says what she means and means what she says. I like that in a human.

    My mom hates getting all those “obligatory”- type gifts. You know … the ones from relatives who feel they “must” get you something for the holidays. My mom doesn’t need any more silly knick-knacks or dust collectors.

    I’m hoping everyone gives her gift certificates to the grocery store this year. After all, that’s where she buys me all those yummy treats. 🙂

    Maxwell the dog.

  4. Thanks, Melanie. I’ll pass this along to my mom. But don’t say too many good things. I already work full time to keep her in line.

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