Guest Post From Lucy, A Lucky New Mexico Dog

Hi Gracie, I am Lucy. Thanks for inviting me to post on your blog.

I am almost 6 months old and almost 50 pounds. I am going to be a very big girl. My mom, Terri,  thinks I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback and that I was bred to run down lions in Africa. We have no lions in the back yard, so I chase my housemate Buddy, another dog. I also chase two small, fat, slow lions otherwise known as “cats.”  Mom Terri  doesn’t like that very much.

We live in a house in New Mexico with my mom, Terri, who is an artist, and my uncle Arthur, who’s been my mom’s buddy and housemate for ages.

My mom never met you, Gracie. She knew your mom’s first dog, Keesha, from when your mom lived in Silver City, New Mexico. Terri says Keesha was so attached to your mom. She says you are a little more realistic.

I eat everything. So far I have yet to leave single bite of food on my dish. I will even eat raw veggies when mom is cooking. I eat shoes when I can find them.   I am a growing girl who needs her food!

I moved in with Terri when my Uncle Arthur found  me wandering around in Bisbee , Arizona, about three months ago. I was a stray with no collar. I was tired, hungry and thirsty. Uncle Arthur tried to drop me off at the Animal Shelter but they were full. So Uncle Arthur took me home, where he’s been sharing with Terri in Alburquerque, New Meixco.  I sat in Uncle Arthur’s lap all the way home.

My mom thinks I’m beautiful, athletic and strong, although I’ve got a mind of my own. “Dinner plate sized paws,” she says.

My mom Terri and my uncle Arthur are warm, caring people. They will always make room for one more dog or cat. I am SO lucky to be here…um, was that a shoe left untended?

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