Getting ready to move: Surrounded by boxes

My mom Cathy decided, “This move will be organized. I will start early.”

So she did. Lots of packing has been accomplished. But she’s going nuts: she can’t find anything. “I think I packed the bills I was supposed to pay yesterday,” she said.

Fotunately, we both got a good rest yesterday. I was finally allowed to return to the park for an outing with my Aunt Sara.

My mom has been throwing out lots of things. She’s determined to move with less than what we had when she moved here from New Mexico.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s lose one cat. We could pack Ophelia in a box and…

Relax, Mom. Just kidding. I know: Ophelia’s a family member, along with the ditzy Creampuff. I’m just trying to help you think outside the box…moving boxes, that is.

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