First Dog Is Portuguese Water Dog

President Obama finally made the most important decision of his Presidency. The family adopted a Portuguese Water Dog newly named Bo. He is six months old and he’s a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy, no less. Apparently the dog had a home but the family couldn’t take care of him. My mom read the story to me while I was enjoying my Morning Nap.

My Morning Nap, in case you’re wondering, starts after my night time sleep gets interrupted by the Morning Walk. I wanted to sleep in but Mom said, “I don’t want to interrupt my breakfast because you need to go out. Off the bed – now!”

Hey,  I’m conserving my energy for my weekly visit to the Downtown Dog Lounge. Hopefully the First Family will adapt their lives to their new dog’s schedule a little more successfully.

Join the club, Bo. All 3 of us in this household are adoptees. Presumably our original families couldn’t care for us because we ended up in rescue. We’re mixed breeds.

Purebred dogs who don’t make it the first time often get new homes by word of mouth, without ever going to shelters. They’re lucky.

We’re lucky too. Especially me. I couldn’t have gotten a better home anywhere. Well, I wouldn’t mind a few kids to play with but I get the dog park instead. Life could be worse.

My mom is so proud of giving us all a good home. It’s her only sign of domesticity. She still misses her own First Dog. But she’s getting used to me. And to be honest, I don’t remember my first homes. Seems like I’ve been here forever


2 thoughts on “First Dog Is Portuguese Water Dog”

  1. Well, I’m glad the Obama girls got their dog, because if all humans had a dog, they might be a little bit wiser. And you know, it’s important that the President be as wise as possible. I hope someone at the White House will give Bo a pond or a pool, because there’s a reason they’re called Portuguese WATER dogs. (But no, the Obamas do not have to take Bo to Portugal.) Now if they’d got a beagle, like me, he (or she) could have dug up the White House lawn looking for rabbits. And the beagle could have smelled out bad guys too, as soon as he learned what bad guys smell like.

  2. And if they’d gotten an All-American Mutt, they’d have a loving companion for life with lots of surprises! Who knew that I’d be a bus rider, sheep dog and champion chewer of socks?

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