First Dog gets First Bowl? Gimme a break…

My mom was checking  Twitter when she found this story about the Dog Bowl, tweeted by @Teriss.

Apparently the Czech president gave the dog some dishes so Bo can eat with pride from special china with the White House seal.

Here’s what I get. I have a plastic two-sided bowl, with water and food served together. I guess I should be grateful to have a bowl at all. The cats eat off paper plates.

What will the First Toy be? Forget politics, Bo. Train your owners to get you a kong toy. Maybe ex-Prez Jimmy Carter will donate some peanut butter. That’s the way to my heart, anyway. I only get the good stuff when I’m in my crate, out of the way while Mom talks on the phone. She talks a lot and it gets so boring I chew socks, pencils and even ball point pens.

“I hate interrupting my calls to yell, ‘No! Put that @&#@!¬† down,” Mom says. “And you know how I feel about swearing around my clients. So…into the crate you go.”

Apparently loud slurping sounds don’t bother anybody. Yum!

4 thoughts on “First Dog gets First Bowl? Gimme a break…”

  1. Hi Cathy, I found a new way to amuse JDog: I filled his Kong with cheap canned dog food and froze it. It took him awhile to get it all out, which was good, plus it’s not as fattening as peanut butter. Of course, Gracie is svelte so you don’t have to worry about that.

  2. Arf! Thanks for calling me svelte. I think I’m in great shape but that nice Dr Kira has been giving my waistline a professional look. Maybe my mom will listen to you. That frozen treat sounds good, especially if it lasts more than 2 minutes. Peanut butter goes fast.

  3. When my Mommy fed me off a porcelain dish I broke it. She didn’t put enough food in it and I got mad and smashed it up. True story. Mommy’s daughter (my rival) and her friend thought it was hilarious. Wish we had it on video with Beyonce’s breaking dishes song playing, BOL! (that’s bark out loud in case we don’t speak the same language). Now I have a metal dish. Makes a nice sound when I smash it around but at least it doesn’t break.

  4. Hey Gracie – I know what you mean, my mom says that when I grow up to be President I will get a bowl like that too. In the meantime I get a stainless steel bowl cause it won’t break when mom drops it. It’s also easier to clean for me-and she got it at the dollar store for a buck. So, don’t feel bad – I am in the same boat, but I am studying hard on that Constitution -so I can get to the whitehouse too. It may be the one in my back yard but that’s good enough for me. Thanks for mentioning my mom Teriss…she likes to keep me healthy and happy!! High Five Paw to your mom too.

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