“Fat cats can jump.”

“Aha!” my mom cried, as she walked into her home office. “Ophelia can jump!”

Apparently there is an old movie, “White men can’t jump.” It’s about basketball so my mom likes it.

Ophelia is …well, a little plump. She has short legs. So we don’t expect to see her jump to counters. My mom feeds her on the kitchen floor, which means Ophelia gets to eat only while I’m in my crate or out. Theoretically that would mean she doesn’t eat as much, but when it comes to eating, Ophelia’s totally efficient. She absorbs every calorie she consumes and finds time to consume many calories at a rapid rate.

So my mom was astonished to see her on top of the computer desk, snuggling up to the desktop Mac.

Very funny, mom. First Ophelia displaces me from my couch. Now she’s taking Creampuff’s favorite spot next to the desktop computer. Ophelia is a big fat bully.

Alas, my mom adores her. Ophelia was designed to be spoiled, the mom says. She’s responding well. She purrs a lot. She clearly appreciates her life with us. And why shouldn’t she? Ophelia rules the house. She’s taking over my spots and she’s intruding on my blog. Doesn’t she look territorial – spreading herself all over Cathy’s desk?

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