Fall is coming to Seattle and dogs are getting colder

Here I’m standng on a street corner, waiting for my mom Cathy to lead me across the street. Notice I’m surrounded by wet leaves and I’ve got leaves caught between my two hind feet. Wet and slippery. Yuk.

I’m always alert to protect my mom from weird strangers. The problem is, I can’t share my definition of “weird” with my mom. Sometimes I’ll bark at a person who seems perfectly nice and respectable.

Recently we walked past a woman who looked like a street person. I barked assertively. But the woman stopped and politely asked permission fto pat me. “I used to train dogs,” she said. “This is a good one.”

She gave me a complete butt massage..aahh, that felt good. I snuggled up to show my appreciation. Then my mom reminded me, “Gracie, we are out here so you can do your business.” Oops…almost forgot. With a friendly wave (mom) and tail wag (me), we were on our way. What a great way to have a morning walk.

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