Exercise, anyone?

Arf! Gracie here.

My mom, Cathy, has become a workout fiend in her old age. She goes to the gym several times a week. Last night she came home all fired up…and sore.

“It’s not my age,” she told me firmly. “People half my age feel the same way.”

Well, if she says so. Gyms these days have decided to use Marine Corps boot camp as a model. If they draft senior citizens, my mom will be ready.

But as a dog, I think my mom should do something more age-appropriate. Like taking me for walks…and walks. When mom is tired we take a bus to the dog park. Can you believe it? Less than 2 miles and we don’t walk. Then I get to run around and play, which is okay, especially if that cute little Pomeranian is there.

It could be worse. Some dogs never get to run around.

And I’ve gotten pretty good at conning my mom. I walk over to her and look pitiful. “Oh Gracie,” she says, “do you have to go out? Now? I’m right in the middle of…”

But of course we go. Especially with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.

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