Dogs Owners Should Not Be WNBA Storm Fans

This summer has not been a good time to have an owner who’s an avid fan of the Seattle basketball and dogsStorm.

Up till now, I tolerated my mom’s craziness. I cringed a little when Mom wore her bright yellow WNBA shirt as we took our pre-game walk. I waited patiently in my crate while Mom went to the game, which lasted about two hours. Not a problem.

This season is something else. Awhile back (we dogs can’t count weeks) my mom showed up very late, announcing as she opened my crate, “Sorry to keep you waiting, Gracie. We had triple overtime against the LA Sparks! That means we had three five-minute quarters…but each quarter stretches with overtime and free throws….”

I’m not quite sure what was happening, but I wouldn’t dream of asking the momster to leave a game early and come spend more quality time with her poor lonely dog. Especially since she spends more on my dog walks and Dog Lounge visits than her own entertainment in any given month. Nope: if this is what it takes to keep my aging mom in good spirits, let’s do it.

Then it happened again last night. “Just ONE overtime against San Antonio,” my mom explained, releasing me from my crate at last. “And Sue Bird made that awesome three-point shot…”

Bird? I always tug at my leash when we see a bird. Shots? I hate shots. What’s going on here?

My mom probably explained all that but I had more important things on my mind. Time for a much-needed walk and then we’ve got some crunchies in my food dish to take care of.

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