“Dog’s Life: I don’t get no respect…”

Do you see this nice dog bed? That’s MY dog bed. Cathy bought it for me at Bed Bath & Beyond.

It’s really special because my mom Cathy bought it just for me. My other beds are inherited from Cathy’s First Dog, the sainted Keesha.

So I love this bed. It’s the only place I deign to sleep on the floor.

And look who’s invaded MY territory and who’s sleeping on MY bed. Yep…that ditzy Creampuff. Notice her body language. She’s saying, “I am not paying attention to you. You do not exist.”

Cats do not recognize when they are in the presence of royalty.
“She was here first,” my mom says. “You’re bigger than she is. You get to go outside.”

True. But how does that cat manage to look so smug even when she’s sleeping? Notice I’m keeping my distance and my dignity…and my chew toy.

2 thoughts on ““Dog’s Life: I don’t get no respect…””

  1. With all the stresses around us, I’d often find a constant reminder to sleep and slumber soundly and get up refreshed and re-charged (unmindful of the noise around) from my son’s white cat, named Gyunyo, meaning milk in Japanese. She would sleep in planter boxes, dustpans, inside cabinets and even atop our pillows. The first time my son saw her sleeping (when she was a 1-week old kitten), my son even thought she had a broken neck and was dead since her head dangled from the edge of our dinner chair side.

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