Dog’s job description keeps getting longer and longer

The relationship was growing cold. So was the weather. And the couple was experiencing all sorts of personal and financial pressures.

So what should they do?

Get a dog, of course.

Have you noticed that we dogs are taking on larger roles in people’s lives every day? Just in my humble home I am expected to be a

personal trainer (“My dog forces me to get out and walk…”)

heating pad when it’s cold (I’ve blogged about this before and may be able to delegate this chore to Ophelia)

social facilitator (my mom gets into interesting conversations because of me)

vacuum cleaner (I catch all the crumbs in the kitchen and when I’m lucky, a few cat crunchies that spilled over)

source of entertainment (“she’s SO cute when she does that…”)

and a whole lot more, as my copywriting mom likes to say. Lisa Scottoline, one of my mom’s favorite mystery writers, even wrote a book with a title that should make any dog sit up and take notice: Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog.

Now dogs are being pressed into duty as marriage counselors and relationship rescuers. Gimme a break.

I feel like an employee of a company whose job description keeps getting longer and longer,  witih no extra compensation. I certainly haven’t noticed any increase in crunchies and treats.

Then again, my mom is like those bosses who say, “You’re lucky to have a job.” Just this morning, she was musing, “Gracie, if I didn’t have a dog, I’d have a LOT more money and a LOT more free time. But I wouldn’t have these other things.”

Somehow I don’t think this is the time to discuss creating a doggie union.

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