Dogs get traumatized too

My mom just read me an article from the local paper, the Seattle Times. Apparently a nice German Shepherd had been employed as a bomb-sniffing dog. She had been a playful, happy pup before she was deployed. All the loud noises and stressful conditions were too much for her. She became withdrawn and afraid of people. You can read the article here/

Fortunately the military people worked hard to rehabilitate this dog. They gave her treats (always a good idea!) when she walked outside. They encouraged her to walk through doorways by offering treats. Most important, they gave her LOTS of love.

However, as a dog who’s been through two rescue groups, I don’t see why anyone is surprised. Every dog who goes through a shelter or rescue group has probably been traumatized. Kind, loving, knowledgeable owners rarely have dogs that end up in rescue. If they can’t keep their dogs, they make responsible arrangements. Anyway, just being in a cage, or being uprooted from a loving environment, will be traumatic. We need lots of extra love and (are you listening, mom?) more treats.

My mom never forgets that I’m a rescue dog. She reminds me every day, “Gracie, you have issues.” She tells everyone we meet, “Gracie is a rescue mutt.” Can’t she just say, “Gracie is a shepherd-lab mix?” I don’t know if I am or not, but who cares?

I’ve come a long way, though. Everybody says so! “Gracie is so much more confident,” they say. “She looks so happy!”

True. I’m a lucky dog. But I can’t help wondering. If I’d waited just a little longer, maybe Bill Gates would have adopted me.

Read the article here:

2 thoughts on “Dogs get traumatized too”

  1. Gracie, if Bill Gates had adopted you, you might have had your very own dog park…but wouldn’t you be lonely in it with no other dogs, or maybe one or two others…no sniffs on the street (no garbage to taste)…I can’t imagine Bill Gates and his family going down the sidewalks of central Seattle on a regular basis. So many other advantages you have that Gates’ dogs do not have. You are so fortunate, and I enjoy reading “your” daily thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Bobbie! My mom also reminded me that Bill Gates would be too busy to play with me every day and his kids are grown. I’d also have LOTS more training and obedience school. But wouldn’t I get gourmet treats and maybe steak every night?

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