Dogs driving cars? No way!

My mom just came across this cool post on another blog, this one written by a human. Put your paw here to read the full story.

My mom would never let me ride with anybody in the front seat. When she had the First Dog, the sainted Keesha, she had a Toyota Corolla. Keesha was trained to ride in the back seat — always.

Now she lives in Seattle and we mostly ride buses. But sometimes we get rides with Cathy’s friends and acquaintances. When I go along, I sit in the back seat and look out the window. That’s the appropriate place for a CUPPIE – a Canine Urban Princess. I deserve to be chauffeured around.

When I first moved in with Cathy, I didn’t know much about cars. I sit on Cathy’s lap on buses, so I figured I’d do the same. We practiced with my Uncle Lance’s car, a Toyota Camry. Cathy held on to my leash so I wouldn’t leap through the window. As if! Why would I leave a soft comfy car to run in the traffic? But it makes her feel better.

Now I’m a pro. I sit up straight or sleep on the back seat.  Uncle Lance is especially grateful that I never, ever mess up the car. If I need to toss my cookies or do my business, I wait till we have arrived at our destination.

Why wouldn’t I? I want to be invited back.

3 thoughts on “Dogs driving cars? No way!”

  1. Gracie,

    I’m glad to hear you’re one of those dogs who would rather arrive at your destination safely as opposed to distracting your owner while driving. Maybe you and your owner could teach a seminar.

  2. Good for you, Gracie, sitting in the back like a big girl. My dog, Jack, an American Eskimo, sits in the back seat as well. He uses a seat belt. It’s for his own good, as he has a tendency to want to try and crawl in between the seats to lay on the console or into the front seat.

    I love your site, and will bookmark it for future purusing!

  3. Thanks, Bev and Vicki! You can subscribe to this blog by clicking “Subscribe by email” in the upper left corner, right under my bio.

    My mom Cathy couldn’t lead a seminar about driving. She hates to drive. I, on the other hand, have demonstrated proper bus riding technique to hundreds of humans. It’s one of the things I do really well.

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