Dog to Mom: “You’ve lost your mind…”

Mom seems to think our calico housemate Creampuff is lonely. “She needs a cat friend,” she says.

I think Creampuff is ditzy. “She needs an IQ boost,” I say.fat fuzzy ca

But who listens to a dog? Mom fell in love with this kitty at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

There’s her mug shot on the right..

“Meets my specifications,” Cathy says. “Already spayed and declawed. Over 5 years old. Gets along with other animals. Mellow.”

“Read the fine print,” I say. “Overweight. Needs grooming. Spent 30 days in a cage so probably has some issues.”

“Ophelia. A beautiful name,” Cathy’s neighbors said.

“Ophelia? Not for a cat. What about Furball or Fatso?” Cathy said.

For once we are in agreement. But I have a feeling there’s a Fat Furball in our future.

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