Dog sniffs the leaves

Ahh…finally we get some country in the city!

My Uncle Lance told my mom about the P-patch garden here in Belltown. These gardens are set up all over Seattle. Anyone can get on a waiting list to get a plot assigned for organic gardening. They grow all kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers. And they rake leaves into a big pile that’s perfect for sniffing.

My mom takes me over there on nice days. It’s like a little park oasis in the city, she says. She smells the flowers and sighs wistfully at the plump tomatoes. I am not allowed to enter the gardening beds (like, why would I want to? nothing interesting there). But I’m sniffing some dried l leaves.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, my mom says. Let’s enjoy the weather.

It’s a nice pile of dead stuff, I say. What could be better?

3 thoughts on “Dog sniffs the leaves”

  1. Hi Gracie, I’ve been reading your posts for a while – you have a great writing style (I was going to say “for a dog” but that would be demeaning – so I caught myself!

    You also have the greatest Mom! But I’m sure you know that.

  2. Thanks, Dagmar. I write *much* better than our feline housemates. It helps to have a copywriting mom.

    Greatest mom? Well, I could have done worse. (A LOT worse, the mom reminds me frequently.)

    And Bobbie, thanks for the good fall wishes. Sniffing is what I do best.

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