Dog Rescue: From Country to City With Love


Gracie here.

When Cathy became my new mom, I had to make a major adjustment. See, Cathy’s a very urban person, and my previous home was in Bellingham, Washington. My previous owners left me in a yard most of the time. Being a sociable dog, I was very lonely.

Luckily, my first owner lived next door to a rescue group volunteer! The volunteer noticed I was unhappy and offered to find me a new home.

Well, of course I knew I’d love living with Cathy. I immediately saw possibilities: the bed, the couch…but I didn’t count on the buses and the coffee shops. At first I had no idea what to do and I wanted to play with everybody. But now I sit quietly and realize I’m not getting any food.

Believe me, it’s tough. Half the people on the bus are traveling with yummy-smellling bags from Safeway and Larry’s Market. Cooked chicken! Ribs! Hamburger meat!

None for me.

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