Dog Park Gets Boring So I Wander Around

Here’s where I am driving my mom completely nuts. When I get bored, I wander around, looking for something to nibble on. Usually it’s something unmentionable.

My mom freaks every time.

“Gracie, stop eating that!” she yells, clear across the park. Sometimes she squirts water in my direction. If I’m chomping on something good, I ignore her. These tidbits are more delicious than any of the stuff that comes in big bags, which (my mom points out) are very expensive.

I’m grazing. This is just what my mom does too. Instead of the ground, she goes to the refrigerator.

“That’s different,” my mom would say, if I dared to point this out. “I eat totally healthy food. Organic. No junk.”

We won’t comment on what I’m eating. My mom would censor the entry and some readers would start to feel a little ill.

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