Dog likes baths? Yes…this one does!

Today my mom took me to to the Downtown Dog Lounge for playtime and a bath. She went off to the gym and a concert and…who knows what else? I don’t care. I want her to enjoy her life so I can enjoy mine.

When Mom came to pick me up, I was just getting the final touches on my coat.

“Gracie, you look beautiful!” my mom exclaimed. I wagged my tail. But not too hard. I knew what was coming.

“Was Gracie good today?”

Yep. She always asks that.

“Of course! you always ask.”

This moment is practically scripted.

“Gracie doesn’t mind her bath,” they added. “She holds up her paw so we can cut her nails.”

Well, of course. I’m a CUPPIE …a Canine Urban Princess. Of course I get my nails done. And I get a bath and blow dry. It’s what I deserve.

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