Dog getting a ride

My mom and I came back from our walk and there was our neighbor, Janet. I adore Janet, even though she’s much too nice to our feline housemates. When my mom went out of town, while I was boarding, Janet came over to sit with the cats. She sketched them and brushed them and… good grief. Those felines are spoiled rotten.

We hadn’t seen Janet for while. She has a nice big dog named Emma. I was so happy to see Janet I jumped up.

“Gracie! Off!” my mom yelled.

Janet picked me up in her arms. I love being held. I always relax and look very pleased with myself. Can you tell?

“Gracie thinks she’s a cat,” my mom sighed.

“Maybe she is part cat,” Janet said helpfully.

Yeah, right. I’m 100% royalty. I deserve this.

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