Canine Princess Gets Pawdicure At the Dog Lounge

My mom left me at the Downtown Dog Lounge while she went off to the gym today.

“Gracie needs a bath!” she said.

Summer and Sue were thrilled to see me. I played on the couch until time for my bath. Then after  my bath, Smmer brushed me…and brushed me. There was enough fur left over to make another dog. (Yeah, it’s an old joke, but I like it.)

Summer knows how to brush me.  I just leaned back and enjoyed every minute.

But that’s not all. I got a pawdicure. If you look closely at this photo, you will see my toe nails are painted bright red. I am finally looking like the Canine Urban Princess (CUPPIE) I am.

My mom was amazed. “What if Gracie chews off her nail polish and runs up a big vet bill?” My mom’s mind runs in that direction.

“It’s doggie nail polish,” Summer explained. “Totally harmless.”

“They make nail polish for dogs?”

My mom can be so clueless sometimes.

Maybe my mom will take the hint. She needs to make her own hair appointmet and she hasn’t had a manicure in ages. “I hate that stuff,” she says. “I like my massage therapist, Larry Swanson, but the nails? forget it. And I’ll never have a pedicure. Too ticklsh.”

Mom, you don’t know what you are missing.

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