Dog gets on Twitter

My mom has considered setting me up with a Twitter account, but she wisely decided she’s got too much going on already. It’s all we can do to keep this blog going.

But if I were on Twitter, here’s what I might say

Tummy upset again. Mom had to take me out 3 times last night. Mom is not amused.

Heard Mom say on phone, “Anyone want a used dog with a sensitive tummy? She’s all yours.” Hope she’s joking.

@Summer in the Downtown Dog Lounge: In case my mom isn’t joking, I’ll go home with you anytime.

Creampuff just chased Ophelia into her hiding place. Ophelia yowled. Mom covered her ears muttering, “Hope the neighbors don’t hear.”

@Cathy my owner: How come you aren’t offering the world a well-worn cat? Ophelia could be homeless.

Off to bed after sleepless night with upset tummy. Dogs are lucky. No clients, no bosses, no jobs. Just naps.

One thought on “Dog gets on Twitter”

  1. I hope you feel better soon…remember to remind your Mom that she needs rest as well!

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