Dog Forced Into Mom’s Exercise Program

Last Sunday mom started reading a book called Spark, by John Ratey. It’s all about how exercise helps the brain.  She read about high school kids who started an exercise program early in the morning, before the school day began. They had more energy the rest of the day and they got better grades.

That was enough for my mom, who’s an exercise fanatic anyway. She dragged us out the door before breakfast, stopping only to make sure the cats had food in their dishes (naturally). We walked;..and we walked.

“This is so good for us, Gracie,” my mom said. “When I had Keesha in New Mexico, we always got up early and went for a long walk. It was so beautiful.”

Great idea, Mom. I’m a different dog, remember? And you’re in Seattle now, right?

To add insult to injury, my mom decided that this is the year I will stop pulling on my leash and learn to heel. Isn’t that a miserable idea? Fortunately for me, she lost her squirt bottle so I don’t get splashed when I pull. Instead she carries treats and distracts me with, “Gracie! Treat!” Usually I fall for the treat everytime…except when I see a squirrel or an exciting new dog coming our way.

“We’ll work on this, Gracie,” my mom promised firmly. “And Andy promised some training sessions, too. Won’t that be fun?”

Yeah, right. I can’t wait. Luckily after our exciting Sunday walk, all the way to Kinnear Park and back, I was ready for a nap. My brain works just fine, thank you very much. Dog logic raises this important question: “If the mom wants exercise, why does the dog have to get involved?”

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