Dog dies while officer writes speeding ticket

Good grief. My mom read me this story and we both felt really sad.

Sure…the guy shouldn’t be speeding, even for an important mission like taking the dog to the animal hospital. But the officer apparently said, “It’s just a dog. You can get another one.”

We’re not especially big on teacup poodles but we were pretty shocked ourselves.

My mom once read a book a long time ago, Travels with Lizbeth. A young homeless man traveled around the US with his dog, Lizbeth. Once a social worker suggested he should give away the dog to get a night at a shelter. “Who’s the crazy person?” the young man wondered.

“You can’t just get another dog,” my mom says. “Gracie, you’re very cute, but you’re not Keesha. Keesha would never chew up her own dog bed.”

Sometimes I ignore my mom and just go to sleep.

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