Dog deserves to ride in style.

My mom and I took a long walk today. We walked all the way to Belltown’s Regrade Park. That’s about a mile and a half. On the way home, we usually stop at a certain bus stop on 1st Avenue & Broad, because my mom says we can get 5 buses from there: 1, 2, 13, 15 and 18. So we shouldn’t have to wait long and the last 10 minutes of our walk is uphill and less exciting.

Well, today Seattle finally had magnificent weather. We walked, as I said, to the dog park. I ran around for a few minutes but hey, I’m still tired from yesterday’s trip with Aunt Sara. And my mom said, “Let’s walk all the way home. We might as well enjoy this sunshine.”

As usual, I had other ideas. When we came to this bus stop I sat down and refused to budge.

“Come on, Gracie,” my mom said. “It’s just ten more minutes. We have to wait almost that long for a bus.”

No dice.

“Gracie, walking is good for us.”

“We walked to the park and we’re about 1/4 mile from home…maybe 1/2 mile. I’m beat.”

“Gracie, people are looking at us! They think I am a cruel, mean owner”

“You are. Nice owners don’t make dogs walk. They ride buses and cabs.”

“People think it’s funny that you want to ride the bus. You know we’re at a bus stop!”

“Of course I do. Dogs aren’t dumb. Hey mom, I’m giving you a tug on my leash. Look up…there’s a 15 closely followed by an 18. They always bunch up. All aboard!”

My mom sighs as she hands over the fare. “All this to ride just a few blocks. Gracie, you can be a high-maintenance dog.”

“I am a Canine Urban Princess, remember? A CUPPIE. Besides, I am taking lessons from Ophelia.”

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