Dog Crate Needs Repair

Here’s a photo of my crate, also known as my castle. I have to stay there when my mom goes out even for a few minutes.

When I realize my mom has gone, I stand by the door and wait anxiously. If I’m left alone for hours, who knows what I’ll do? So I spend LOTS of time in the crate.

The fastener on my crate has broken. My mom has to prop it shut when she goes out. She’s very nervous about leaving me alone in a crate that won’t close properly.

She ordered a new crate door from She was astounded that someone could own that domain name, she said. “They must have bought in back in the Dark Ages.”

I heard her on the phone with them.

“Can you hurry the order? Yes, I’ll pay extra for UPS shipping. You see, this is a dog who can’t be left alone – ever.”

Oh no. Not again.

But my ears perked up when she said, “A sale on a dog blanket? That’s a reasonable price. A nice fuzzy fleece? Hmm…”

Ah, that sounds delightful! So soft and warm. I started getting visions of curling up on the soft warm blanket…maybe nibbling a little piece of wool here and there…feeling the fleece tickling my tummy…

But then my mom said reluctantly, “I’m afraid Gracie will just chew it up. She chewed a blanket into tiny pieces. I can’t even leave a blanket in her crate anymore.”

She read my mind. I bet fleece blankets taste delicious!

Oh well. I’ve still got my old dog cushion on my mom’s bed. I inherited a few dog beds from Mom’s first dog, the sainted Keesha. They’re tough. Even my determined little teeth can’t destroy them.

Life could be worse, although I wish my mom would stop telling the whole world about me. People will get the wrong idea. I’m actually a member of royalty who deserves the utmost respect.

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