Dog becomes caregiver

My mom’s had some serious health issues this week. She’s strong and healthy but parts of her body (which she won’t let me disclose) have developed conditions that need repair. It sounds minor but she’s been in pain.

My job is to snuggle up to my mom when she’s in bed. I keep the cats in line. And I’m a model dog when one of Cathy’s friends takes me for a walk.

But hey, having a sick owner works for me. I spent three days in the Downtown Dog Lounge last week, getting spoiled rotten by Summer and the crew. Friday I went off with Aunt Sara while Mom went off for an MRI. “It doesn’t seem fair,” my mom was mutterng.

Today my Mom gritted her teeth and dropped me off at the Dog Lounge. “I won’t be able to take you for a long walk,” she said. “Go play.”

Before she was out the door, Summer was guiding me over to the sofa and rubbing my tummy. The day passed blissfully till our neighbor Valerie came to pick me up. Now I’m zonked. But I’m hanging out near Cathy while she works.

Dogs make great caretakers.

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