Dog asleep after romp in the park

And here I am, sound asleep after my afternoon romp in the park. I’m curled up on my mom’s bed, with all three comforters around me.

My mom thinks I’m really cute when I’m sleeping. “So peaceful,” she says. She doesn’t like to wake me up, except when it’s time to Go Outside before she goes to sleep herself.

The good part of my mom’s bed is that there are no cats around and not a lot of photo ops for my mom. Nothing much is happening. There are only so many ways a dog can sleep, even an adorable CUPPIE like me.

Mh mom feels good when she sees me sleeping. She says, “Good dog, Gracie! I’m glad you got enough exercise.” She worries that I don’t get  to run around enough. “A tired dog is a good dog,” she says, over and over.

Yeah, we heard it the first time.

Anyway, there’s not much to do around here when I’m not sleeping. There are only so many ways I can torture the cats. The fat Ophelia just runs and hides. The ditzy Creampuff just tries to play with me.

My mom says she feels sleepy just looking at this picture. She needs more sleep herself, I would say.

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