Did you see the Subaru dog commercials?

We don’t have a television so we don’t watch commercials. However, my mom was watching a show on Hulu.com when she caught a flash of a Subaru commercial, where dogs drive the car.

“You didn’t know my first dog, Keesha,” she told Ophelia and me. Creampuff knew Keesha of course but she was off hiding and being ditzy as usual.

“Keesha used to wait for me in my car,” she said, sounding a little sad. “I’d come back from the store or the gym and she’d be sitting behind the steering wheel. People would make jokes like, ‘That dog wants to drive.'”

Uh… mom, you had a car?! Ophelia and I have been strictly buses and cabs.

“And,” she continued, “I would say, ‘Keesha, you know better! Get in back.’ And Keesha would give me that look – ‘You caught me!’ – and jump to the back seat.”

That’s a trick? My mom was clearly besotted.

She went off to Youtube to look up more videos of dogs driving Subarus. Her favorite is (naturally) the parking commercial where the dogs get beat out by a large fuzzy cat.

I have to watch over Mom’s shoulder because my paws don’t fit the keys. You can just click the play button.

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